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  1. Joe,
    I’m an artist, and 12 year full time faculty at Collin College, a northern suburb of Dallas. We’ve never met, but I had seen your works in Juxtapose clear back in ’04-ish, and found them to be a great example for my second year painting students on what to do to “go beyond” realism, into the realm of personal iconography or the painting as a surface, not just a picture plane. The website in your Leave a Reply box above is a bit out of date, but it shows my kitschy-layering or multi-panel approach in my own art. I’ve started to get quite a few university solo shows, and even a couple small museum exhibitions. I don’t know if your ambition is to send out work for an art show, but:

    Our campus gallery director is hoping to create a 2D show involving four of us faculty, who are each asked to invite someone to whom we have inspiration or some commonality. I’d like to talk to you about whether you would be interested in sending a work or two, that relate to mine. I’m inclined to think the symbolism of Monkey Head, I Believe, or For Steven best relate to my intended work–and they are the ones that I incorporated into my powerpoint lectures.

    Tentatively, the show would run from March 22 to the end of April. The gallery doesn’t have a budget for guest artists or travel, but I’d offer that I would personally pay for the shipping of a couple works, maybe even supply you with the proper box for Fed-Ex shipping. (I gather that the works listed are small-ish, and I know I can send 48×48″ works sandwiched between 3/4 inch foam insulation, and they ship cross country just fine).

    Collin’s gallery is two story, 45×65 ft, wood floors, a really impressive space, and the photos for documentation have made my solo show there look really impressive. The school’s focus has been on student and faculty work, it’s gotten away from solo shows to stress more visual variety within media themed shows, hence a painting show with no “common subject”. Feel free to email or call my office line of 972-881-5912. I’ve always at least wanted to say “hey, thanks for the great works which I’ve admired from afar!” jerry

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